Business Birthday Cards Say More than Just Happy Birthday

Published: 25th November 2008
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Business Birthday Cards offer great opportunities to send best wishes to those you do business with inside and outside the company. Although some may argue they would rather not acknowledge their birthday, most secretly look forward to the smiles and Happy Birthday greetings they receive on their special day. Here are a number of ways a business will benefit by sending business birthday cards.

1. Loyalty. Business associates, employees and customers will feel they are special when your business takes the time and effort to remember them on their big day. They will know that they matter and will feel they are part of the business family. That small special effort is certain to reap rewards with strengthened loyalty to the company.

2. Networking. Have a greeting card circulated within the company and signed before presenting or sending it to that special birthday girl or guy. By planning ahead all will know when that special day comes which will afford everyone the opportunity to say "Happy Birthday" to those they may not normally converse with during their normal daily routine. This type of networking is great for building team unity and business relationships.

Birthday Card

3. File Update. Most often it is the human resources department that drives the birthday celebrations. Sending a card is relatively inexpensive and a great way to annually remember an employees contribution to the company outside the scope of a formal review process. It will also serve as an annual reminder to refresh employee files while confirming birth dates and any other outstanding concerns.

4. Appreciation. A heartfelt message from a top executive is an opportunity for the birthday card recipient to feel they are appreciated within the company. It is also a chance for executives to bond with their employees. A small acknowledgement or even a personal handshake annually will go far in building employee loyalty. If possible, a gift card included in the greeting would make it extra special. For a customer or business associate outside the company a birthday card says the company considers them to be a very special business partner and one worth remembering on their special day.

Business Birthday Card

5. Team Building. By promoting team building you are asking each and every one of your internal and external associates to become part of your business family. Happy birthday cards are the perfect messages for acknowledging family unity and continuation of business relationships. It is a simple gesture but one that will be remembered. And each time anyone in the company receives a birthday card from management and their co-workers it is seen and appreciated by everyone as they know their time for celebration will also come soon.

Birthdays note the completion of another year of active involvement and send well wishes for continued participation in the events coming in the year ahead. Not just to mark the birthday celebrant as being a year older, birthday cards celebrate life and all that comes with it. As we spend a major part of our lives engaged in our jobs and business community, a greeting card celebrating this involvement is one worth sending and certainly well worth receiving.

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